About GAMA

The purpose of the Grand Avenue Members Association (GAMA), a 501c3 non-profit is threefold:

  • Preserve the unique historic character of Lower Grand Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Support and assist in eliminating blight and promoting the revitalization of the neighborhood’s core and surrounding areas through educational and community improvement programs.
  • Work to encourage social and economic development that promotes sustainable practices.”Adopted Action Goals Organized by Purpose

Strengthen the functioning of Grand as the center of a COMMUNITY.

  • Create district map
  • Organize neighborhood clean-ups
  • Investigate feasibility of becoming a Block Watch neighborhood
  • Support public events (i.e., GAF, Art Detour, Tour de Grand, First Friday)


Advocate for preservation of historic properties (i.e., HP Inventory, nomination)

Master planning

  • Neighborhood vision
  • Form Based Code
  • Downtown Strategic Vision Update

Investigate improvements to the street(s):

  • traffic calming (i.e., speed limits, crosswalks)
  • street lighting
  • parklets
  • district parking
  • street circulator
  • bus service
  • Roundabout at “Five Points”

Foster and promote public art

Maintain artist-decorated planters

Investigate feasibility of a landscape demonstration project (i.e., community garden)